Environmental Epigenetics

Welcome to the Environmental Epigenetics Lab at Uppsala University

The general research interest within our group is to investigate how environmental exposures of a variety of sources (nutrition, contaminants, stress) interfere with developmental and epigenetic mechanisms, and can consequently be involved in phenotypic and epigenetic variation later in life. Additionally, we are interested in how environmental exposures can induce epigenetic modifications in the germ line, as well as the ability of these to be transmitted transgenerationally and influence genetic variability in subsequent generations. From the latter, a strong interest is also about the role of environmentally induced epigenetic mechanisms in evolutionary processes. We have also recently gotten involved with mitochondrial research, particularly the ability of mitochondrial function and epigenome to respond to environmental insults.

Our research is only made possible by a network of incredible collaborators around the world, as well as by the generous support of our funders, both governmental agencies and foundations.

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The Environmental Epigenetics Lab (from left to right):

John Lees, Carlos Guerrero Bosagna, Emmanouil Tsakoumis, Fabio Pertille, Violeta de Anca Prado, Farnaz Sourani